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We are open and following strict COVID-19 policies and procedures. 

Accepting New Patients

Autism Behavioral & Educational Services, Inc.

Tele-Health Services

Autism Behavioral & Educational Services is continuing to provide in home, clinic-based, and has added tele-health services during this difficult time. We have strict processes in place and follow CDC precautionary guidelines.  With the Governor's March 19th Executive Order 2020-09 to expand tele-health services, many insurance companies have approved for ABA to be delivered via tele-heath.

Families are struggling with lack of support as many ABA agencies in Illinois have closed their doors. Our team is ready to provide you with the essential ABA services to ensure that your child does not regress or engage in inappropriate behaviors and continues to make progress during this difficult time where schools are closed and e-learning models are ineffective. 

ABES provides several models of services customized to the needs of your family.  If you are interested in receiving services, please contact us at 815-223-ABES (2237) or via email at [email protected] 

ABA Services