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Professionals With Genuine Care and Concern

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Who We Are

Here at Autism Behavioral & Educational Services, Inc., we strive to use evidence-based and the most advanced teaching strategies available. Our teaching techniques are based on the principles of applied behavior analysis.

We teach skills that can be generalized across a variety of people and settings. Parent training is an essential part of our program that ensures the child continues to apply and hone those new skills throughout the day.

We regularly coordinate our efforts with interdisciplinary team members, such as teachers, speech pathologists, and occupational therapists. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide effective intervention strategies to children on the autism spectrum and their families.

Our Goal

Our goal is to assist children and their parents in developing a behavioral repertoire 

as similar as possible to a typical child.

Veronica Glickman

Veronica Glickman, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Autism, Behavioral & Educational Services, Inc. (ABES), has dedicated her professional career to working with kids and adults with autism and their families. 

Veronica began working with the adult population as an undergraduate student at Adelphi University in Long Island, NY, while working toward her Psychology degree by providing vocational training and placement. 

Since that time, Veronica earned: a Master of Arts Degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Hartford; a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University; and a Certification in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Veronica’s experience spans from early childhood, 18 months through adulthood. She has created and supervised in-home and clinic-based ABA programs across the country, set up classrooms, trained professionals, and was an administrator in a therapeutic day school. Veronica also mentors and supervises students studying applied behavior analysis.

Veronica’s twenty-year tenure spans across four states: New York, Connecticut, California and Illinois. Upon diagnosing and recommending behavior analytic services in Illinois, Veronica found that there was a lack of service providers and ABES, Inc. was born.

Clinical Staff

Clinical Director

Krista Gengo, MA, BCBA

Krista Gengo has had the privilege of serving individuals on the autism spectrum and their families since 2007. Krista received her Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University and completed post graduate work in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Florida Tech, securing Behavior Analyst licensure in 2015. She has supported this population in a variety of settings including clinic, classroom, and home environments. Prior to relocating to Illinois, Krista served as clinical director of an ABA program in Texas which incorporated a collaborative model with other therapeutic disciplines in addition to an ABA preschool. During this time, she assisted in creating a service model to be replicated nationwide. She has had the honor of working with children 18 months through early adulthood, striving to incorporate the entire family unit. It is an incredible joy to be entrusted with a child’s care, she understands the gravity of that trust and works to capitalize on the time she gets to share in the child’s journey.

Clinic Manager

Alyssa Militello, MSW

Alyssa Graduated from Aurora University with a Master of Social Work degree in 2018. After graduating, she was soon introduced to ABA therapy and absolutely fell in love with working with this population. Alyssa has a lot of ABA experience and has been able to work with individuals aged 4-25 in one-on-one settings. During her experience she has worked with individuals in clinic settings, as well as in the home.

Program & Training Director

Kylie Nekola, MS, BCBA

Kylie Nekola is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has a Master’s degree of Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from Kaplan University. Kylie has worked with children with autism for 12 years.

She has a variety of experience in multiple settings including a therapeutic day school, in-home therapy, clinic based services, and running social skills groups. Kylie is passionate about building new skills and seeing growth in her clients and their families.

Program Supervisor

Marie LaFronza, MS, BCBA

Marie LaFronza is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a Master’s degree in Psychology with a focus in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from Purdue University Global.

Marie has 5 years of experience utilizing ABA while working with individuals ranging from ages 2-14 with an Autism diagnosis. She has experience working with individuals in clinic-based and home-based settings, and in 1:1 and social group settings. Marie is enthusiastic about fostering growth and independence in her clients in a positive environment.

Program Supervisor

Jordan Creed, MS, BCBA

Jordan graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2013. Shortly after she began working at an inpatient pediatric, psychiatric hospital on the behavior intervention unit. It was there that Jordan became exposed to Applied Behavior Analysis as she worked with children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and severe maladaptive behavior.

Jordan fell in love with the field and graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a Master of Science degree in Behavior Analysis and Therapy in 2018.

Program Supervisor

Willemijn Frank, MA, BCBA

Willemijn’s career started in the Netherlands while she earned her degree in Social Work from the Hoge School van Amsterdam. Here she worked with individuals ranging from the ages of 4 to 85 in different settings including after school programs, children with ADHD, ASD, ODD, eating disorder, and social deficits in a day program, to adults with severe mental and physical disabilities. In 2007 Willemijn moved to Indiana and continued her career as a social worker working with families who were involved with the Department of Child Services. After discovering the field of ABA she continued her Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at Ball State University and has been a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst since 2015. She has worked with children on the spectrum in clinical settings, school settings, in the community, and in summer camp programs focusing on skills including Activities of Daily Living, Communication Skills, Social Skills, Behavior Management, and School Readiness skills. Her goal is to continue to teach clients to be the most independent and successful person they can be while also incorporating the family in this journey and teaching them the skills to assist their loved ones in living a life that is full of achievements and rewards. 

Clinic Coordinator - Sycamore

Jeanna Pritchett, BS, RBT

Jeanna earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Illinois State University. After graduating, she was introduced to the field of ABA and absolutely fell in love with it. She has been in the field of ABA for numerous years and has had the opportunity to work with individuals aged 2-16 in both group and one-on-one settings. Jeanna also has experience working with individuals of all ages with a variety of disabilities in the school setting as well as in home.

Administrative Staff

Robert Lee , J.D.

Robert Lee has been a part of Autism Behavioral & Educational Services, Inc. since its inception and came on full time two years ago to help with ABES’ expansion. In his current role as Chief Financial Officer, Robert oversees finance, legal, and human resources. Robert has spent most of his career in education. Prior to his current role at ABES, Inc., Robert worked in Higher Education supporting numerous institutions with state authorization and regulatory compliance.

Robert is a cum laude graduate of Northern Illinois University’s School of Business having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1999. Robert went on to complete his legal education at California Western School of law earning a Juris Doctorate degree in 2005.

Sheldon Glickman

Sheldon came out of retirement to take on the position of Accounting Specialist at Autism Behavioral & Educational Services, Inc. Sheldon brings a wealth of finance and accounting expertise to this role. Sheldon has served on the Board of Directors of numerous organizations over his career. Currently, Sheldon is the Treasurer of the New Light Cemetery located in Lincolnwood, IL, a position he has held for 20 years.

Sheldon has always been passionate about education. Sheldon was first elected to the Board of Education of District 73 in 1982. He was reelected five times, served four years as board President and 18 years as the Finance Chairman.

A successful businessman, Sheldon owned and operated two furniture stores in the Chicagoland area for 25 years.  Prior to opening his own stores, he managed one of the largest furniture stores in Chicago for 10 years.

Tele-Health Services